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The orphans and needy children of Bufuka live in very poor conditions. Most children do not sleep in a bed at night or have any or sufficient clean clothes, footwear or hygiene products.

Mattresses, Beds, Mosquito Nets and Bedding

Some children sleep on a mat on the floor and some children sleep directly on the floor.

The provision of mattresses, beds, and bedding will significantly improve the living conditions and ability to realise the benefits of attending school. The provision of mosquito nets will preserve life by assisting in the prevention of vector-borne diseases. Typically the cost of shipping will be prohibitive to sending large items however bedding, pillow cases, material, pillows and manchester generally (including second-hand items in good condition) may be able to be sent at a reasonable cost.

Clothing, Footwear & Hygiene Products

You can help the children by sending clothing and footwear. Any clothing and footwear that you would typically consider for children in your country are of great value to the needy children. The children are of all ages between 0 and 15 and so any clothing of an appropriate size and quality will be suitable.

A key Little Angels Needy Children and Orphan Project strategy is to provide personal hygiene education and products so that pupils can maintain their well-being, are comfortable, have settled morale and in turn, are able to concentrate on their studies. You can help the children by sending personal health and hygiene products. Any personal health and hygiene products that you would typically expect to use in your country is of great value to the needy children.

A comprehensive list of items are found in the donation fact sheet below.

Please post all goods & supplies to:

Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project
P.O. Box 731, Lake Bunyonyi, Kabale, Uganda

Or email Little Angels on:

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