Pay it Forward

Growing and educating our community to respond to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.

What is Pay it Forward?

The simplest way to define ‘Pay it Forward’ is when someone does something for you, instead of paying back that person directly, you pass it on to another person instead. That person then passes it onto someone, and so on.

Little Angels Uganda has started this initiative to grow our community and teach each other how to pass on anything of use or value, be it tangible things or just wisdom.

We have started paying it forward with livestock and will be looking to include motorbikes in the near future. We are also focused on helping street kids (the homeless) by providing shelter, education and an opportunity to enhance their future.

How it all began

The Little Angels Uganda director, Duncan Nelson Musinguzi grew up poor and took it upon himself to help the needy when he was able to. Duncan was fortunate a sponsor paid part of his education fees, to repay his gratitude, he paid it forward by opening Little Angels and has managed to provide support and assistance to over 500 needy children, past and present. Duncan hopes these children in time, can pay it forward too.

How does it work?

Paying it forward with livestock

A volunteer gifts to a member of our needy community one of the following:

  • Cow (UGX 1,800,000)
  • Goat (UGX 210,000)
  • Piglet (UGX 160,000)
  • Chicken or hen (UGX 32,000)

When that animal gives birth, the baby animal is then gifted to another needy person in the community to raise as their own. The Pay it Forward tradition goes on and on.

Street kids (homeless)

We are committed to helping the homeless children of the community. 

The street kids are taken off the street, cleaned up and provided with education or employment opportunities. These actions are monitored closely by a person appointed by Little Angels. This is to ensure resources are not put to waste and our goal is achieved for these street kids.

The children are provided with new opportunities and given a chance to succeed in life. The idea is for this child in time to then repay the compassion and gratitude given to them by doing the same with another street kid. They now demonstrate the responsibilities required to guide and support a street kid transitioning from homelessness into education and employment.

This cycle continues on and on.

We are aiming for this initiative to become a worldwide movement. We do not want to limit this to just Little Angels, but push it out to the world and see how best it can be improved and developed for all homeless children around the world.

How to help with Pay it Forward

If you would like to get involved with the Pay it Forward initiative, please contact us at or via WhatsApp at +256704589282.

Please decide which livestock you would like to be gifted (please note the costs involved for each animal) before contacting us so we can facilitate your request efficiently.

We will discuss with you the preferred payment method. We will then purchase the livestock you requested and gift it to a family of your choice or one we see as worthy recipients at the moment in time.

Your name will be put on the back of a Pay it Forward t-shirt. We will ensure plenty of photos are taken for you, so you can see the ‘pay it forward’ initiative in action and see the beneficiaries of your gift. The photos will be used on social media and our website for marketing purposes.

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